We Love You Cindy’s

It’s been a devastating week for the South Coast. One of the hearts of Pescadero, Cindy’s, is no more due to a crippling fire. The farmers’ market crew and Puente has Cindy and her 19 employees in our thoughts and prayers.

“The market must go on!” says Airielle Love from Fly Girl Farm — and it shall!  The market crew has worked hard to figure out all the logistics to remain open this week. Our new location will be just down the road on the other side of the street at 350 Stage Rd. It’s the open lot where the market was held a few years back, directly across from the community church.  Huge thanks to stalwart community supporters Kate and Jeff Haas for the use of their space!  The plan at this point is for the market to continue at that location through the end of the season.

This week, the market will be an “in solidarity with Cindy’s” kind of market. We plan to have a book where community members can write their favorite memories at Cindy’s, an audio recorder if you’d rather speak your memory than write it, and we also will be collecting donations for all of her employees. We’d love it if the market was the place for the community to come together after such a tragedy- to lift each other up.  After all, the market owes its recent existence to Cindy and her generosity with using her space.  Thank you Cindy!

Our vendors will be Blue House Farm and Fly Girl Farm as well as State Street Honey and Open Eye Creations. Liz Gatt would be coming to provide child activities and Ziggy from Single Story View will be rocking out the new grassy lawn. Every and her bike repair station will also be present.

We hope Cindy’s gets rebuilt. We hope that Cindy and all her employees are taken care of. We hope all those who are affected are feeling supported and loved.

Come join us in continuing an important community tradition and standing alongside Cindy and her staff!

We’re with you, Cindy.