Meat Coming to the Market

Week 15 means only 8 markets left. This countdown we have going on is really showing me how fast time goes by! Last week we had an overcast, gloomy day, but our local artists and kareokers brought us some sunshine to our little marekt. We’re thankful for you! I just checked the weather- this Thursday should be nice and sunny. Lets make the most out of these markets we have left together.

This week’s vendor line up is: Blue House, Fly Girl, and Farmageddon. It’s the second market of the month which means that Left Coast Grass Fed is coming to the market!! I’m in need of ground beef and skirt steaks…  Open Eye Creations will also be coming back to the market.

We have a first timer playing at the market. He goes by Falcon- some of you may know him because he lives here in Pesky- looking forward to being introduced to some new music!

Liz Gatt from La Honda will be coming and leading children activities. Every will be fully present taking care of your bikes as well (last week she was singing and dancing half the time leading karaoke)


You know the drill- see you Thursday at 3. Hasta Jueves!