Meat and Miss B

Another Week, Another Great Market!

I hope you all are feeling great after the holiday weekend. It was a blast celebrating early with you all at last week’s market. Our first ‘Local’s Concert’ was a hit and so much fun watching people from our community come out and perform. I’m still laughing thinking about the ‘drum hippy circle.’ It all was great and we have another great market planned out for this week.

Left Coast Grass Fed will be at the market this week bringing their delicious grass fed beef to the table. I just cooked two of their rib-eyes with the bone in this past weekend- amazing. Along with the rib-eyes were roasted beets, onions, and potatoes from Blue House Farm who will also be at the market. We added a salad using greens from Fly Girl Farm topped with hard-boiled duck eggs from Farmageddon- equaling one really good, hyper local meal. Both farms will be at the market again this week.

Also joining in on the fun will be CalFresh. Mayra, a nutritionist for CalFresh, will coming to talk about public health and family nutrition. (She’s going to try and get your kids excited about eating healthy!)

Miss B is coming back to play at our market for a second season in a row. We love her voice and the way she plays her guitar. There might be a mandolin and dobro involved as well!

Elizabeth Gatt, a Puente volunteer from La Honda, will be taking care of child activities this week. She loves kids and loves getting crafty she said. We’re excited to have her and see what she comes up with!

Did you know?

That at the market we like to double your money? We really do. If you have WIC coupons and/or are enrolled in CalFresh we will double your money every week up to $10. You give us $10 worth of coupons or we charge $10 to our EBT machine and then BAM $20 in your hand to spend on local produce at our market. If you don’t have WIC or CalFresh, but still think you would be eligible for some help then come to the market and ask about our token program. For those who qualify, we double cash as well!


Bring your kids and your grocery bags. We’re looking forward to seeing you at the market!.