Week Two is coming!

WOWZA what a market last week! It seemed like the entire community came out to celebrate the kickoff of the season. If you didn’t show, you sure missed out. I think there was at least six hula hoop contests, five vendors who came ready to sell the best product, and one lucky shopper walked out carrying a Google tablet.

The Vendors

This week we don’t have a Google tablet to give away, but we can hopefully excite you about Left Coast GrassFed being at the market. With their beef coming  just a couple miles down the road it’s hard to get more local than that. Then just one more mile down the road is Blue House Farm who will  be attending the market and then one more mile past that is Fly Girl Farm- who also will be at the market ready to sell. Farmageddon will be attending as well and bringing onions, leeks, and eggs (I bought a goose egg last week and it was AMAZING).

Guests This Week

Chinese Melodrama is returning this season and we’re so excited! The violin/acoustic guitar duo makes for a great farmers’ market kind of tune ( and their PA system is solar powered!!) Pie Ranch will be attending the market talking about what their up to on their farm and about food justice. They also will be promoting their CSA for the summer. We’re thankful to have Pie Ranch in our lives and as a partner to Puente! Last, but definitely not least, we have our free bike repair station! Every Day is the best bike mechanic I know (and the only one) so bring your bike to the market to get it fixed or a tune up!

This Thursday at 3 o clock- I want to see you there!!.