Let The Tomatoes Begin!

They’re here people. Those red, meaty, concentrated candy sweet flavored goodness- early girl dry farmed tomatoes are here. With their tougher skin and super juicy insides- these tomatoes qualify for my favorite thing to eat during the summer. What does dry farmed mean? Well come to the market and ask Fly Girl if you want to hear it from the experts otherwise here’s my short description: when you transplant the tomato plants into the ground you give a very deep watering and then nothing else the rest of the season (drought friendly hooray!). This causes the plants roots to grow deep and seek out moisture which creates a more concentrated sweet tomato flavor. Fly Girl Farms will have these in their stand this week- it’s the moment we’ve been waiting for.

Tomatoes taste good with almost anything and there will be lots of pairing options to choose from. Fly Girl and Blue House have been rocking the double stands filled with lots of different colors and tastes. Last week Blue House brought padrons for the first time which is my favorite pepper. If you’ve never eaten a padron, come to the market, buy a basket, go home, heat up the cast iron, throw them in with some oil, blister them, add salt, and enjoy. You’ll be eating a traditional Spanish tapa. Warning- 1 out of 5 are spicy! The bigger they get the spicier they seem to be!

But what really rounds out my diet are the eggs brought by Farmageddon. Bright colored shells with bright yellow yolks. Once you eat these eggs you’ll never go back to the store to get them.

Other Special Guests

The Red Cross will be coming to the market this week. They run a lot of different programs and will be sharing information about many of them.

Every Day will be back this week with her free bike repair booth. She’s ready to give your bike a tune up! Bring it in and let her check it out!

Music this week is brought to you by the Pelican Duo! Rob Christian and his friend Pel will be playing- Pel on the guitar and Rob on the stand up bass! We’ve loved how they sounded last year so we had to have them back!


This week we want to put more money in your hands. Normally at the market, we double WIC coupons, CalFresh, and your cash (if you qualify) up to $10. This week we’re doubling what we double. You can bring in up to $20 of what was previously listed and we’ll give you $40 worth of tokens to spend at the market. You can get more money for your buck and support local farmers.

What else do you have to do on a Thursday afternoon? Come listen to some live music, hang out with your community, bring the kiddos to do children’s activities, and/or come get your bike fixed.

It’s the place to be! See you there at three!!.