June 18: Local artist, Paula Brisker, will be playing at the market this week!

Week 3 of the market is here and it’s just now hitting me that every Thursday I get to go to the market, hang out with members of this awesome community, buy local produce that I feel so connected to, and sit there and listen to live music. Every Thursday I’m reminded why  I love this place.

We have another great market planned for you this week. Blue House Farm has been bringing quite the variety of produce to the market. They have potatoes, cabbage, fava beans, artichokes — plus SO much more. Fly Girl Farm’s cut flowers are out of this world — seriously beautiful bouquets. They also have an impressive amount of different types of greens — it’s the season for salads! You could also buy some starts from them (possible Father’s Day present?). Then Farmageddon brings even more variety! Beautiful eggs of different colors — and even geese eggs! They also have onions, pomelos, and a lot of olallieberries — so good. Then we have Markegard Family Grass Fed coming bringing their delicious grass fed beef, lamb, pork, and then their newest addition — chicken! Support your local farmers by coming out and buying some of your groceries for the week!

Great Guests at the Market This Week

Local artist, Paula Brisker, will be playing at the market this week. Joining her is Scott Bell and the two of them sound great together- we loved having them last year.

Sonrisas Community Dental Center from Half Moon Bay will be at the market. It’s probably time for you to switch out your toothbrush — Thursday is the day to do that.

Half Moon Bay Library is coming to do children’s activities — it’ll be a surprise what it is this week, but they never disappoint!

That all being said- can’t wait to see you this Thursday!.