HMB Library’s Last Visit

Tres, trois, three- three more markets. Things are winding down, the night sky is coming earlier and earlier, and everyone’s praying for rain. I’m praying for rain, but just not on the next three Thursdays! Market hours have changed a little for this last month. We’re closing up 30 minutes earlier now due to it getting dark earlier. So if you’re wanting to do some grocery shopping or hear live music- make sure you get to the market before 6:30!

We have four vendors coming this week. Blue House Farm is still bringing a considerable about of produce- last week they brought corn for the first time! Farmageddon is still going strong with eggs, applesauce, and fig and grape jams! I said it last week and I’ll say it again- that applesauce is a must try! Fly Girl Farm started bringing some winter squash this past market. All their selection of greens are still looking great as well. Lastly, we have our artesian vendor, Open Eye Creations, who brings driftwood art. I’ve been seeing this kind of art more and more- her work is impressive and worth coming to check out.

HMB Library has been one of our partners all summer long and this week will be the last market of the season that they come and host child activities. The activities they have brought to the market has made this year extra special. So glad we get to have them one more time.

Playing for the first time for the market (and I’m very excited about this) is local band Ghost Train. Ghost Train consists of five naturalists that live in Loma Mar and have a passion for music and nature. The leader of the band, Bobcat, sings and plays guitar. They have a pretty mellow, but groovy sound. You do not want to miss checking out this band!!

Last, but definitely not least- free bike repair. Your days are numbered to get your bike in to get a free tune up before the winter comes. I’m bringing mine in and I know a few others who are too- so if you need anything done to your bike you better come early!!

Be there or be square..