DJ Larry Trujillo Coming to the Market!

The highlight of this past weekend for me was the brisket I bought off of Left Coast and slow cooked to perfection. I’ve been eating it for every meal. Another highlight would be this flower bouquet I’m staring at that McCall from Fly Girl Farm made for me. Dahlias, larksburg, bells of Ireland… so pretty. I’m for sure getting another one this week.

I’m really excited about this week’s market because our good friend DJ Larry Trujillo is coming out to provide the tunes and finding the right song to play is his specialty. He has a little bit of everything in his collection so don’t be afraid to make a request! He’s been a long-time supporter of Puente and the market and we really appreciate all his work.

Fly Girl Farm, Farmageddon, and Blue House Farm are still coming in strong with all their produce for us. The new thing Blue House has been bringing are lots of tasty beans! Green beans galore! Fly Girl really upped their game with the amount of flowers they brought (worth coming to just see at how good that stand looks.) Farmageddon brought sugar snap peas that I’ve been snacking all week long. It really does feel good eating this food that people I know and love grew, in this community I live in.


Planned Parenthood plans to be at the market! They will be bringing up conversation around adult-child communication and other information related to their services. Half Moon Bay Library will be there this week and will be taking care of the children’s activities. ALSO, don’t forget—we have free bike repair and your bike could use a tune up.

There are lots of reasons why you should come to the market this week and I really hope to see you all there. Thursday at 3!!.