Chinese Melodrama Returning to the Market!

Thanks to all who came out and supported local farmers and musicians last week. The Local’s Concert was a hit and the market had it’s very first karaoke hour. Every Day, our bike mechanic, wooed us all with her singing and dancing abilities. We also had the best opening of the market I’ve seen yet- Every singing acapella our national anthem. A round of applause to all our performers- Walker, Michaela, Mia, Jeff, Marie, and all those who got up to sing karaoke.

Even though Summer is over, there is still good food being brought to us at the market. The vendor line up this week is another solid one. Blue House Farm is having a great year and their stand hasn’t died down at all- still so colorful and filled with variety. Fly Girl Farm is still bringing the most beautiful flowers- last week they added a new flower to their bouquets called Celosia- take a look. Farmageddon is coming and has an abundance of their delicious apples! Also joining us is Left Coast Grass Fed. They just got their most recent shipment in so they will have all the cuts you can imagine.

Red Cross will be returning to the market as well as one of our most favorite bands- Chinese Melodrama!! With Randy on the guitar and Lisa on the violin, the two together sets the best kind of atmosphere for a farmers’ market. They also use a solar powered amp which is right up our alley. Don’t miss out on hearing  live tunes on a Thursday evening here in our south coast community.

Bring a bag for the groceries, bring your bike for the free mechanic, and bring a friend, child, partner for a dancing buddy!

See you this Thursday!.