Celebration Week

Another week, another market! I’ve seen the farmers deep in the fields, dodging thistles, sweating, tanning, harvesting food to bring, sell, and showcase to the community. Every time I bite into a strawberry or tomato, I savor it, thinking of the effort put into harvesting this precious abundance of organic produce. It’s not farmers appreciation week, but every week should be so I want to say thank you to all the farmers and farmworkers in the community who work everyday on bringing the freshest produce to our tables. Their work goes undervalued, underappreciated, and most definitely underpaid. This coming market is dedicated to you.

To celebrate the majority of the people in this community we’ve decided to bring you variety in the music this week! Kicking off the market and playing the first half will local Larry Trujillo. His DJing skills always finds the crowd dancing or singing along to the music. He has a variety of artists in his collection so don’t be timid to request a song! The second half of the market, our good friend Miguel Ortega will be playing for us. Miguel, a local farmworker, and his friend Margarito played for us last year and blew us away! This year joining them will be one of Puente’s very own youth staff, Osvoldo! Osvoldo will be making his big debut on the accordion and the keyboard (he’s 14). We’re excited to be able to hear these musicians perform and I hope to see you all at the market supporting and cheering (and dancing!!)

We have our veterans vendors returning to the market. Blue House Farm will be attending- they promised me corn will be coming in a couple weeks and melons shortly after that. I honestly can’t wait for those sweet, sweet melons. Next we have Fly Girl Farms. This is where you’ll find good deals on mass amounts of tomatoes (it’s time to start canning people!!) Then rounding the market out is Farmageddon who really  have some tasty eggs. Last week, I bought their beets and I made a beet salad yesterday- delicious!!

Half Moon Bay Library will be coming to have fun with the rowdy market kids. We’re thankful to have them so often at our market! Some things to note about future markets: Every, our bike mechanic, will not be attending the 8/27 market. If you’re in need of a repair either bring your bike this week or wait two more! Also, September 3rd, we’re having a our second and last Local’s Concert at the market. This means anyone in our South Coast community who would like to perform at the market in anyway will have the chance to do so in a few weeks. Slots are thirty minutes long and you can take one solo, split it with someone, or split it with several people. Half the slots are filled- one being Every singing karaoke to kick off the market. So if you have some jokes, poetry, or an instrumental ability to share please contact [email protected]

Lots of exciting events coming up- it all starts this Thursday at the market! See you there!.