Meat Coming to the Market

Week 15 means only 8 markets left. This countdown we have going on is really showing me how fast time goes by! Last week we had an overcast, gloomy day, but our local artists and kareokers brought us some sunshine to our little marekt. We’re thankful for you! I just checked the weather- this Thursday should be nice and sunny. Lets make the most out of these markets we have left together.

This week’s vendor line up is: Blue House, Fly Girl, and Farmageddon. It’s the second market of the month which means that Left Coast Grass Fed is coming to the market!! I’m in need of ground beef and skirt steaks…  Open Eye Creations will also be coming back to the market.

We have a first timer playing at the market. He goes by Falcon- some of you may know him because he lives here in Pesky- looking forward to being introduced to some new music!

Liz Gatt from La Honda will be coming and leading children activities. Every will be fully present taking care of your bikes as well (last week she was singing and dancing half the time leading karaoke)


You know the drill- see you Thursday at 3. Hasta Jueves!


Last Local’s Concert This Week!

Hi folks!

Week 14 is here and we have an exciting market planned for you. This Thursday is our second and last local’s concert of the season. Every Day, our bike mechanic, is starting the first two hours off with karaoke- so if you don’t feel comfortable filling a whole half an hour with your music, but still want to show off your vocals, this Thursday market is for YOU! Come on down and support your local musicians!

The vendor line up this week is as follows: hometown Pesky farmers’ market heroes- Blue House Farm and Fly Girl Farm who never miss a market! We also have one of Puente’s partners returning- Pie Ranch coming to the market. Then Steadfast Herbs will be attending and bringing soaps, tinctures, salves, and more!

A group called Protect our Watershed will be tabling at the market. They will have No Spray signs to pass out. To find out more about the organization you can look them at

Every will still be working on bikes at the market, but not the first two hours (she’ll be leading the karaoke team). HMB Library is providing children’s activities.

We’re into single digits of how many markets are left- 9. They’ll go by fast folks. Don’t get caught putting off your market visit. See you this Thursday!

Health Promoters to the Market!

Week 13 is sneaking up on us and another good market is on its way!

This week we have two of our favorite bands splitting market time. The first two hours will be Miss B and Sean Woodward and the second half will be Chinese Melodrama. Two stellar bands fit into one market!

The vendor line up this week consists of: Blue House, Fly Girl, and Farmageddon- our veterans. We’ll also have Open Eye Creations bringing driftwood art.

Puente’s health promoters will be attending the market, sharing their wisdom, and signing people up for clinic appointments. They’ll also check your blood pressure- might as well get it checked!

There are no children’s activities this week. We’ll have hula hoops and a goofy market manager, but besides that this week we only have music for entertainment!

Every will be fixing up bikes like she knows best- if you’ve been putting it off to bring your bike in- now is the time!

The following week is our last Local’s Concert (9/1) We have one more slot open from  5-5:30. Email [email protected] if you’re interested in 30 minutes of fame!


Excited to see you there- hasta jueves!!


Pescadero Grown back for Week 12!

After a raging success of a market last week we are happy to kick off the 2nd half of our season with our weekly market anchors Fly Girl and Blue House as well as Finn from Steadfast Herbs selling teas, tinctures and other wonderful goodies. The Ranch will be having their final market appearance- so don’t miss out on their fruit, garlic strings, and plants!

Every will be holding down the bike repair booth as always and the Half Moon Bay library will be back with their litany of child activities.  Music from Half Moon Bay local Eva Casell, who never fails to disappoint.  We will also be visited again by our Puente Community Health Workers Yolanda and Yesenia, who can talk to you about a whole host of health questions as well as get you super stoked for the health fair on Sunday, October 2nd!


It’s an exciting week at Puente as we are prepping for our fourth annual 5K Veggie Run, inspired by the very same veggies that get sold at our market!  It’s also PAFF weekend in Pescadero, and what better way to kick off a weekend of art and fun than dropping by the farmers market for a community filled afternoon?

See everyone on Thursday!