A Meaty Week

Another week, another market, and a lot more delicious meals for us to cook up. The only thing I like more than eating all the delicious food that I get from the market is spoiling my friends with it too. Everyone needs some fresh, organic produce in their life. All my city friends love me! Spread the love people.

This week we have more than just produce to share. Markegard Family GrassFed will be attending the market bringing a selection of top notch meat. They not only haul in beef and pork (their pork sausages are the best), but they’ll also have lamb chops and chicken. Make sure you bring an extra bag and get stocked up for the week!

Also coming to the market are our solid, consistent veggie producers. I’ve seen with my very own eyes tomatoes ripening in Fly Girl Farm’s field, but it might be a market too soon to make an appearance. I’ve also heard through the grapevine that Blue House is getting close too so you all need to come just to make sure you don’t possibly miss out on the first tomato market. I’ll admit that I’ve picked a few and they tasted so so sweet. They taste like summer!!

Farmageddon will also be attending bringing their famous eggs, jam, beans, onions, and pomelos!!

Visitors This Week

Pie Ranch is making an appearance at the market! They’re wanting to take charge on leading a fun child’s activity. I’ve heard that it possibly will consist of grocery baskets, food, and learning what heathy shopping looks like. Our food justice partners are always a lot of fun so we’re looking forward to having them there.

Eva Cassell will be performing for us all this week. For two years now she has serenaded us with her beautiful voice at the market’s open mics. Well after this years performance we decided we need her for a full four hours. She writes her own songs, she has a soothing voice, and she’s a local. There’s nothing better than live music on a summer day- make sure to come check it out.

So you know the drill- this Thursday, 3 o clock, see you there!!.