Last Month/Last Raffle!!

Things are getting serious guys. October is here and that means we’re on the final stretch- only 5 markets left! People have been asking if we’re going to have another raffle and the answer is yes. This week and last raffle of the season. A prize will be raffled off at the end of every hour and more than one each time! Some of the prizes consist of an olallieberry pie from Duartes, a tour for two at Harley Farm, a gift certificate for the taqueria, a couple of keurigs (for you coffee lovers out there) and many more prizes. Everyone will leave feeling like winners.

We have a full line up this week. Blue House is still coming in strong with a very full booth with lots of variety- from beans, to tomatoes, to bouquets, to melons, to sweet peppers, to herbs- they have it all. Fly Girl’s zucchini production is up and they’re still bringing berries! I saw the flower arrangements the last two weeks that Fly Girl did for weddings using their own flowers and it’s truly amazing. Check out their instagram at flygirlfarm and see for yourself! Farmageddon is bringing delicious green figs, homemade applesauce, fermented green beans, tons of eggs, and broccoli. I bought some of that applesauce and it was delicious- that stuff is not easy to make! Coming back to enjoy the raffle is State Street Honey. Todd brings three types of local honey that makes my tea in the morning the right kind of sweet. Last, but not least, we have Monique with Open Eye Creations coming to sell her driftwood art. She has quite the selection now and it’s all beautiful.

One of our market sponsors, POST, will be making their last appearance of the season. We have a friend named Derrick coming to the market to teach anyone and everyone how to make different origami creatures (I was never good at that). He came and taught us last year and was very patient and a great teacher. Providing the tunes this week is the Pelican Duo. Rob Christian will be playing the stand up bass and Pel on the guitar. We always love having these local folks come and play for us.

Remember, only 5 markets left and that this is the last raffle. Don’t miss out on a chance to win a free Duartes Pie!!

See you veggie lovers this Thursday..

Come Get Your Honey!

Well hello veggie lovers!! I have good news and bad news. The good news is that our vendors continue to have delicious fruit and veggies coming to the market. The bad news is that we only have seven markets left! Is that not crazy?? This season has flown by. So the countdown begins…

Coming to you this week is another solid vendor lineup. First up is Fly Girl Farm who are bringing the Crenshaw melons- which are different than the cantaloupe/honeydew melons that Blue House are bringing. These football shaped melons are considered one of the sweetest melons in the melon family. If sweetness is your thing, you should try these out. Blue House is the only farm still bringing tomatoes, but they won’t last much longer- get em while they’re still here! Farmageddon introduced me to something new last week- green figs! They also informed me that their are highly nutritious- providing a great source of calcium and dietary fiber. They are rich in antioxidants and when dried they develop higher percentages of minerals such as copper, magnesium and potassium. They tasted so sweet to me! Who would have thought!

State Street Honey is making another appearance. It’s up in the air if he’ll have enough honey to last through the season- you all have been great supporters in his honey business! Then lastly, making her second appearance at the market is Open Eye Creations. She sent me a photo last week of different beer flight holders made out of driftwood that she is going to bring this week. All the art she brings to sell is made out of driftwood- it’s beautiful and worth checking out.

The Pescadero Fire Dept. will be at the market taking blood pressure readings. Never hurts to get it checked out! HMB Library will be coming to provide fun activities for the kiddos. There’s always legos and button making involved. Lastly, Miss B will be playing for us at the market. This will be her last performance of the season- last time she brought these super cool mugs that she had made herself to sell- she told me that she’ll bring her latest batch. There will be lots of options in the artesian department this week!

Remember- only seven markets left! See you this Thursday!!.

Chinese Melodrama Returning to the Market!

Thanks to all who came out and supported local farmers and musicians last week. The Local’s Concert was a hit and the market had it’s very first karaoke hour. Every Day, our bike mechanic, wooed us all with her singing and dancing abilities. We also had the best opening of the market I’ve seen yet- Every singing acapella our national anthem. A round of applause to all our performers- Walker, Michaela, Mia, Jeff, Marie, and all those who got up to sing karaoke.

Even though Summer is over, there is still good food being brought to us at the market. The vendor line up this week is another solid one. Blue House Farm is having a great year and their stand hasn’t died down at all- still so colorful and filled with variety. Fly Girl Farm is still bringing the most beautiful flowers- last week they added a new flower to their bouquets called Celosia- take a look. Farmageddon is coming and has an abundance of their delicious apples! Also joining us is Left Coast Grass Fed. They just got their most recent shipment in so they will have all the cuts you can imagine.

Red Cross will be returning to the market as well as one of our most favorite bands- Chinese Melodrama!! With Randy on the guitar and Lisa on the violin, the two together sets the best kind of atmosphere for a farmers’ market. They also use a solar powered amp which is right up our alley. Don’t miss out on hearing  live tunes on a Thursday evening here in our south coast community.

Bring a bag for the groceries, bring your bike for the free mechanic, and bring a friend, child, partner for a dancing buddy!

See you this Thursday!.