Let The Tomatoes Begin!

They’re here people. Those red, meaty, concentrated candy sweet flavored goodness- early girl dry farmed tomatoes are here. With their tougher skin and super juicy insides- these tomatoes qualify for my favorite thing to eat during the summer. What does dry farmed mean? Well come to the market and ask Fly Girl if you want to hear it from the experts otherwise here’s my short description: when you transplant the tomato plants into the ground you give a very deep watering and then nothing else the rest of the season (drought friendly hooray!). This causes the plants roots to grow deep and seek out moisture which creates a more concentrated sweet tomato flavor. Fly Girl Farms will have these in their stand this week- it’s the moment we’ve been waiting for.

Tomatoes taste good with almost anything and there will be lots of pairing options to choose from. Fly Girl and Blue House have been rocking the double stands filled with lots of different colors and tastes. Last week Blue House brought padrons for the first time which is my favorite pepper. If you’ve never eaten a padron, come to the market, buy a basket, go home, heat up the cast iron, throw them in with some oil, blister them, add salt, and enjoy. You’ll be eating a traditional Spanish tapa. Warning- 1 out of 5 are spicy! The bigger they get the spicier they seem to be!

But what really rounds out my diet are the eggs brought by Farmageddon. Bright colored shells with bright yellow yolks. Once you eat these eggs you’ll never go back to the store to get them.

Other Special Guests

The Red Cross will be coming to the market this week. They run a lot of different programs and will be sharing information about many of them.

Every Day will be back this week with her free bike repair booth. She’s ready to give your bike a tune up! Bring it in and let her check it out!

Music this week is brought to you by the Pelican Duo! Rob Christian and his friend Pel will be playing- Pel on the guitar and Rob on the stand up bass! We’ve loved how they sounded last year so we had to have them back!


This week we want to put more money in your hands. Normally at the market, we double WIC coupons, CalFresh, and your cash (if you qualify) up to $10. This week we’re doubling what we double. You can bring in up to $20 of what was previously listed and we’ll give you $40 worth of tokens to spend at the market. You can get more money for your buck and support local farmers.

What else do you have to do on a Thursday afternoon? Come listen to some live music, hang out with your community, bring the kiddos to do children’s activities, and/or come get your bike fixed.

It’s the place to be! See you there at three!!.

A Meaty Week

Another week, another market, and a lot more delicious meals for us to cook up. The only thing I like more than eating all the delicious food that I get from the market is spoiling my friends with it too. Everyone needs some fresh, organic produce in their life. All my city friends love me! Spread the love people.

This week we have more than just produce to share. Markegard Family GrassFed will be attending the market bringing a selection of top notch meat. They not only haul in beef and pork (their pork sausages are the best), but they’ll also have lamb chops and chicken. Make sure you bring an extra bag and get stocked up for the week!

Also coming to the market are our solid, consistent veggie producers. I’ve seen with my very own eyes tomatoes ripening in Fly Girl Farm’s field, but it might be a market too soon to make an appearance. I’ve also heard through the grapevine that Blue House is getting close too so you all need to come just to make sure you don’t possibly miss out on the first tomato market. I’ll admit that I’ve picked a few and they tasted so so sweet. They taste like summer!!

Farmageddon will also be attending bringing their famous eggs, jam, beans, onions, and pomelos!!

Visitors This Week

Pie Ranch is making an appearance at the market! They’re wanting to take charge on leading a fun child’s activity. I’ve heard that it possibly will consist of grocery baskets, food, and learning what heathy shopping looks like. Our food justice partners are always a lot of fun so we’re looking forward to having them there.

Eva Cassell will be performing for us all this week. For two years now she has serenaded us with her beautiful voice at the market’s open mics. Well after this years performance we decided we need her for a full four hours. She writes her own songs, she has a soothing voice, and she’s a local. There’s nothing better than live music on a summer day- make sure to come check it out.

So you know the drill- this Thursday, 3 o clock, see you there!!.

DJ Larry Trujillo Coming to the Market!

The highlight of this past weekend for me was the brisket I bought off of Left Coast and slow cooked to perfection. I’ve been eating it for every meal. Another highlight would be this flower bouquet I’m staring at that McCall from Fly Girl Farm made for me. Dahlias, larksburg, bells of Ireland… so pretty. I’m for sure getting another one this week.

I’m really excited about this week’s market because our good friend DJ Larry Trujillo is coming out to provide the tunes and finding the right song to play is his specialty. He has a little bit of everything in his collection so don’t be afraid to make a request! He’s been a long-time supporter of Puente and the market and we really appreciate all his work.

Fly Girl Farm, Farmageddon, and Blue House Farm are still coming in strong with all their produce for us. The new thing Blue House has been bringing are lots of tasty beans! Green beans galore! Fly Girl really upped their game with the amount of flowers they brought (worth coming to just see at how good that stand looks.) Farmageddon brought sugar snap peas that I’ve been snacking all week long. It really does feel good eating this food that people I know and love grew, in this community I live in.


Planned Parenthood plans to be at the market! They will be bringing up conversation around adult-child communication and other information related to their services. Half Moon Bay Library will be there this week and will be taking care of the children’s activities. ALSO, don’t forget—we have free bike repair and your bike could use a tune up.

There are lots of reasons why you should come to the market this week and I really hope to see you all there. Thursday at 3!!.

Meat and Miss B

Another Week, Another Great Market!

I hope you all are feeling great after the holiday weekend. It was a blast celebrating early with you all at last week’s market. Our first ‘Local’s Concert’ was a hit and so much fun watching people from our community come out and perform. I’m still laughing thinking about the ‘drum hippy circle.’ It all was great and we have another great market planned out for this week.

Left Coast Grass Fed will be at the market this week bringing their delicious grass fed beef to the table. I just cooked two of their rib-eyes with the bone in this past weekend- amazing. Along with the rib-eyes were roasted beets, onions, and potatoes from Blue House Farm who will also be at the market. We added a salad using greens from Fly Girl Farm topped with hard-boiled duck eggs from Farmageddon- equaling one really good, hyper local meal. Both farms will be at the market again this week.

Also joining in on the fun will be CalFresh. Mayra, a nutritionist for CalFresh, will coming to talk about public health and family nutrition. (She’s going to try and get your kids excited about eating healthy!)

Miss B is coming back to play at our market for a second season in a row. We love her voice and the way she plays her guitar. There might be a mandolin and dobro involved as well!

Elizabeth Gatt, a Puente volunteer from La Honda, will be taking care of child activities this week. She loves kids and loves getting crafty she said. We’re excited to have her and see what she comes up with!

Did you know?

That at the market we like to double your money? We really do. If you have WIC coupons and/or are enrolled in CalFresh we will double your money every week up to $10. You give us $10 worth of coupons or we charge $10 to our EBT machine and then BAM $20 in your hand to spend on local produce at our market. If you don’t have WIC or CalFresh, but still think you would be eligible for some help then come to the market and ask about our token program. For those who qualify, we double cash as well!


Bring your kids and your grocery bags. We’re looking forward to seeing you at the market!.