July 2: A Locals Concert at the Market This Week!

I can’t believe that the first month of the market is already behind us! It seems like that went by so fast. We’re so excited for July and the plentitude of produce that is coming our way. Think about it — soon tomatoes, peppers, melons, oh my!


We’re going to start July off with a bang by hosting our first local’s concert of the season. Here is how it’s going to work– you (the talented entertainer) and whoever else you like will have 30 minutes to fill with whatever you like. You can sing, play an instrument, tell some jokes, and/or share some spoken poetry. This is your chance to share your talents, be in the spot light, and not have to worry about filling up a longer time period. As a community, we’re a supportive bunch and will provide a safe space for you to come and share whatever it is you’ve been holding in. We only have two slots left and we need to get them filled! If you’re interested in playing, please contact the farmers’ market manager at [email protected]. (If you’re contemplating this right now then you should do it!)

What else is planned for the market you ask? Well we have our solid, local vendor lineup like normal. Coming to the market this week is Blue House Farm, Farmageddon, and Fly Girl Farm. Markegard Family Grass Fed will be there with their beef, pork, lamb, and chicken — nothing really beats their Italian sausages.

Also coming to the market is one of our sponsors — Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST). They are a big reason why this market is possible and we’re so glad to have them back.

Who’s doing the children’s activity this week? Only our favorite — the HMB library. Last time they came we made kites, the time before that we made art with robots, and who knows what’s in store for this week? Button making? Imagination playground? Whatever it is we know it will be great.

So bring the family, bring your grocery bags (or get one from us), and come listen to some great musicians, comedians, and poets that you might not get the chance to hear otherwise.

Happy July everyone and see you at the market!!!.

Come Get Your Honey!

Week 4 of the Market!!

It’s going to be a sweet market this week with Todd Parsons and State Street Honey attending. Not only does he have jarred honey, but also big honey comb squares and pollen (you should try it- add it to your oatmeal!) Are your allergies bothering you lately? They say local honey will do the trick.

Joining State Street Honey will be Blue House Farm, Farmageddon, and Fly Girl Farm and they will be hauling in the produce. Did you just finish celebrating Father’s Day this past weekend and want to share some love with the women in your life too?- Come check out the cut flowers we have! Want to eat extra healthy with lots of greens this week?- we have SO many between our three vendors! Also it’s not too early to start making pickled goods. I bought cabbage from Blue House and started making kimchee last week!

Firefighters and Local Musicians

It’s that time again for the Pescadero fire fighters to come to the market! They will be bringing their equipment to check everyone’s blood pressure. If you haven’t had it checked lately, there is no reason to skip this week’s market.

From La Honda, the John Henry Band will be playing at the market. This will be their first time playing for us and we’re looking forward to having them. If you want to support local musicians this is a great way to do it!

This week we’re lucky to have a group of Berkley students coming to market to lead children’s activities. There will be a gaggle of them so I’m sure there will be something fun in store!

Don’t forget about our free bike repair- no reason to not take advantage of that!

Our fingers are crossed to have another market with perfect weather- and too see you all there!.

June 18: Local artist, Paula Brisker, will be playing at the market this week!

Week 3 of the market is here and it’s just now hitting me that every Thursday I get to go to the market, hang out with members of this awesome community, buy local produce that I feel so connected to, and sit there and listen to live music. Every Thursday I’m reminded why  I love this place.

We have another great market planned for you this week. Blue House Farm has been bringing quite the variety of produce to the market. They have potatoes, cabbage, fava beans, artichokes — plus SO much more. Fly Girl Farm’s cut flowers are out of this world — seriously beautiful bouquets. They also have an impressive amount of different types of greens — it’s the season for salads! You could also buy some starts from them (possible Father’s Day present?). Then Farmageddon brings even more variety! Beautiful eggs of different colors — and even geese eggs! They also have onions, pomelos, and a lot of olallieberries — so good. Then we have Markegard Family Grass Fed coming bringing their delicious grass fed beef, lamb, pork, and then their newest addition — chicken! Support your local farmers by coming out and buying some of your groceries for the week!

Great Guests at the Market This Week

Local artist, Paula Brisker, will be playing at the market this week. Joining her is Scott Bell and the two of them sound great together- we loved having them last year.

Sonrisas Community Dental Center from Half Moon Bay will be at the market. It’s probably time for you to switch out your toothbrush — Thursday is the day to do that.

Half Moon Bay Library is coming to do children’s activities — it’ll be a surprise what it is this week, but they never disappoint!

That all being said- can’t wait to see you this Thursday!.

Week Two is coming!

WOWZA what a market last week! It seemed like the entire community came out to celebrate the kickoff of the season. If you didn’t show, you sure missed out. I think there was at least six hula hoop contests, five vendors who came ready to sell the best product, and one lucky shopper walked out carrying a Google tablet.

The Vendors

This week we don’t have a Google tablet to give away, but we can hopefully excite you about Left Coast GrassFed being at the market. With their beef coming  just a couple miles down the road it’s hard to get more local than that. Then just one more mile down the road is Blue House Farm who will  be attending the market and then one more mile past that is Fly Girl Farm- who also will be at the market ready to sell. Farmageddon will be attending as well and bringing onions, leeks, and eggs (I bought a goose egg last week and it was AMAZING).

Guests This Week

Chinese Melodrama is returning this season and we’re so excited! The violin/acoustic guitar duo makes for a great farmers’ market kind of tune ( and their PA system is solar powered!!) Pie Ranch will be attending the market talking about what their up to on their farm and about food justice. They also will be promoting their CSA for the summer. We’re thankful to have Pie Ranch in our lives and as a partner to Puente! Last, but definitely not least, we have our free bike repair station! Every Day is the best bike mechanic I know (and the only one) so bring your bike to the market to get it fixed or a tune up!

This Thursday at 3 o clock- I want to see you there!!.